Our properties

Our properties are located in the Greater Helsinki area in Espoo, Helsinki and Vantaa plus one building in the centre of Kokkola. Our main speciality is offices, but we also have commercial, storage and production spaces available.

We have options available for smaller and bigger businesses. Take a look at available premises and get in touch to find the best solution for your business.

Pasilanraitio 5 maakuva mobiili
Pasilanraitio 5
Well-located business premises in West Pasila with excellent transport connections
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Radiokatu 20 maakuva mobiili
Radiokatu 20
Easily accessible office building in West Pasila with good transport connections
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Kornetintie 6 maakuva mobiili
Kornetintie 6
Office block with excellent transport connections in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki
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Kutomotie 6 mobiili
Kutomotie 6
Versatile business premises for a range of uses in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki
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Elimäenkatu 26 maakuva mobiili
Elimäenkatu 26
Versatile office spaces and comprehensive services in superb location in Vallila, Helsinki
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Vallilan Factory maakuva mobiili
Vallila Factory
Vallilan Factory is a popular office building with direct access to tram at walking distance from Pasila train station
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Ratamestarinkatu 9 maakuva mobiili
Ratamestarinkatu 9
Ratamestarinkatu with good transport connections in East Pasila
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Vellamonkatu 30 maakuva mobiili
Vellamonkatu 30
Vellamonkatu 30 offers business premises in good location in Hermanni, Helsinki, not far from Hämeentie
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Vanha Talvitie 11 julkisivu mob panorama
Vanha Talvitie 11
Business premises at walking distance from Kalasatama tube station
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Läkkisepäntie 11 toimitila julkisivu mob
Läkkisepäntie 11
Warehouse and office premises in logistically central area in Metsälä, not far from Tuusulanväylä.
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Niittylänpolku 16 maakuva mobiili
Niittylänpolku 16
Versatile office and production building at Niittylänpolku 16, Metsälä, Helsinki
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Helsingin Kirkonkyläntie 3 maakuva mobiili
Helsinki Kirkonkyläntie 3
Character business property in Malmi, Helsinki with excellent transport connections
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Latokartanontie 7 maakuva mobiili
Latokartanontie 7
Latokartanontie 7 stands in central location in Malmi, Helsinki
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Malmin Kauppatie 8 maakuva mobiili
Malmin Kauppatie 8
Bright and flexible business premises in Malmi, Helsinki, near train station and bus stops
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Malminkaari 5 julkisivu mobiili panorama
Malminkaari 5
Business building in prominent location in Malmi, Helsinki with good transport connections
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Pakkalankuja 6 maakuva mobiili
Pakkalankuja 6
Adaptable office spaces and plenty of services near airport.
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Pakkalankuja 7 maakuva mobiili
Pakkalankuja 7
Stylish office property in Pakkala, Vantaa, near airport.
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Avia Line 2 maakuva mobiili
Avia Line 2
AviaLine 2 – new offices close to the airport.
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Gate8 Business Park - Forte maakuva mobiili
Gate8 Business Park - Forte
Forte’s prominent position neat airport and next to Kehä III gives your business visibility
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Itätuulentie 1 maakuva 02 mobiili
Itätuulentie 1
Offices in prime location of Tapiola.
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Niittymäentie 9 maakuva mobiili
Niittymäentie 9
Office building in prominent location next to Länsiväylä, at walking distance from Urheilupuisto tube station.
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Piispantilankuja 4 maakuva mobiili
Piispantilankuja 4
Outstanding office building in prominent location next to Länsiväylä in Piispankylä, Espoo.
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Polaris Business Park - Castor mobiilipanorama 1500x1000
Polaris Business Park - Castor
Attractive business park Polaris in prominent location next to Turku motorway.
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Mestarintie 6 ilmakuva mobiili
Mestarintie 6
Four storey office building in Leppävaara, Espoo.
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Kutojantie 11 ground level mobile
Kutojantie 11
Office building in Kilo, Espoo, at the junction of Kehä II and Turunväylä.
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Kutojantie 7 lobby mobile
Kutojantie 7
Office building in Kilo, Espoo, at the junction of Kehä II and Turunväylä.
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Sinimäentie 10 maakuva mobiili
Sinimäentie 10
Cost-effective premises for different size businesses in Espoo on Turunväylä.
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Pitkänsillankatu 1-3 maakuva mobiili
Pitkänsillankatu 1-3
Character office building in the heart of Kokkola.
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