IVG Polar Ltd


IVG Polar is a Finnish real estate investment company who owns, lets and develops properties.

Over the years, we have gained solid experience in the sector. We want to be the best lessor for our existing clients and an attractive option for new customers looking for business premises.


Over the course of its long history, IVG Polar Ltd has adapted to the fluctuations of the economy, changing from a construction company to a successful real estate investment company.

The company started operating in 1952 when Construction and Engineering Office Yrjö Karjalainen was founded. In 1964 the ownership base was expanded and the company’s name was changed to Polar Construction Corporation.

By the 1980s, the company, with its subsidiaries, was one of the largest construction businesses in Finland. Its operations expanded to cover Finnish and international real estate business, with foreign operations accounting for a significant proportion of operations. In 1989 Polar Construction Corporation was the first construction company to be listed on the Finnish stock exchange.

In the early 1990s the company’s name was changed to Polar Corporation. In 1993 the business underwent corporate restructuring which continued until the end of 2001. In 1998 construction operations were sold to Skanska Oy and real estate business became the company’s main focus. In 1999 the company’s name was changed to Polar Real Estate Corporation.

In 2004 IVG Immobilien AG bought the entire shareholding in Polar Real Estate Corporation and the name of the company was changed to IVG Polar Ltd as a result.

Our Values

Our business is founded on the following values:

Customer-oriented approach

At IVG Polar, we take a customer-oriented approach to mean long-term partnerships which foster the success of our customers as well as that of our own operations. These partnerships are founded on openness, interaction and know-how.


Our service and our products live up to our promises and our customers’ expectations. We take responsibility when problems arise and rectify any errors we may make.

Continuing development

We have the courage to question the way we work and are prepared to adopt new working models to further our development. Together we create an atmosphere that values the individual, encouraging creativity, giving feedback and personal development.


We set clear quality and performance targets for our operations. With a common aim and by sharing responsibility we maintain staff commitment and motivation. Together we can achieve results.