Tenant info

1. Access cards and keys

For all questions regarding access cards and keys, please contact Newsec Asset Management Oy, property assistant Emilia Minkkinen, emilia.minkkinen(at)newsec.fi or property manager Taina Koskinen, taina.koskinen(at)newsec.fi.

Access cards and keys must be ordered in writing by e-mail.

Additional cards and lost cards will be charged at the purchase price + VAT chargeable at the time, and the tenant is also to pay for any additional keys. Lost cards must be reported immediately to the serviceman so that the card can be cancelled. Lost keys must be reported immediately to the locksmith whose contact details are shown in the property guide. In the event of lost keys, the cost of rekeying will be charged to the tenant concerned.

Tenants are responsible for locking the doors of their offices and for any monitoring of working hours.

2. Advertising lightning and signage

The permission of the owner of the property and a building permit is required before fitting advertising lighting. Some of our properties are covered by a general permit. Please ask the property manager responsible for the property for further information. If there is no general permit for advertising lighting for the property, the tenant is to apply for a building permit at the tenant’s own expense. In both cases, the granting of a permit is conditional upon a lighting plan being submitted to the owner of the property, which is to be sent to the property manager responsible for the property.

Advertising lighting attached to the facade is the property of the company, in other words the owners of the advertising are themselves responsible for installation, electricity, maintenance and removal of the signs.

A consistent style (font, colour and size) is to apply to signs in the property and parking space signs. The lessor will pay the cost of signs and parking space signs at the start of the tenancy. The tenant is responsible for subsequent changes to sign texts. Orders for changes to signage are to be made to emilia.minkkinen(at)newsec.fi.

3. Modifications and other work on the rented premises

Modifications and other work on the rented premises must be agreed on the basis of the principles of distribution of responsibilities drawn up by the Finnish Real Estate Federation. Shareholders and the tenant each maintain the premises under their control in good order.

If a tenant requires changes made to fixed structures, heating, water, ventilation or electrical systems (also low current systems such as phones, aerials, access control, alarm systems, etc.) under the tenant’s control, the lessor must be notified of these. So that no erroneous investments are made, the tenant must submit a plan before the work commences showing the changes to be made to walls, heating, water, ventilation and electrical systems. When changing the use of premises (new meeting rooms, etc.) particular attention must be paid to ensuring that ventilation is sufficient. Where necessary, expert planners or architects should be employed.

Plans are also required for the maintenance log of the property so that the renovation history of the premises can be documented. Changes and renovations are to be updated in the property plans held by the tenant.

4. Contacts

There are named contacts for each property whose contact details can be found in the property guide and on the noticeboard at the property. The details of IVG Polar Oy’s contacts are also available on our website under “Contact details”.

5. Customer satisfaction survey

We monitor customer satisfaction by means of a phone survey carried out by our partner on our behalf once a year. In the survey we gather information on our customers’ satisfaction with the space they rent, with the lessor and the service providers for the property. We examine the responses on a property by property basis and for each customer. All feedback is also welcome at any time. The easiest way to provide feedback is to e-mail asiakaspalvelu(at)ivgpolar.fi.

6. Insurance

The owner of the property has insured the property for any damage. However, the insurance for the property does not provide compensation for any damage caused by the moveable property or business operations of the tenant, and consequently the tenant must ensure that the tenant’s own business insurance cover is satisfactory in this respect.

7. Moving into / vacating rented premises

At the start and end of the lease an inspection of the premises will be carried out by a representative of the lessor and a representative of the tenant. The inspection form is completed at this point.

8. Payment of rent

Bank transfer forms for the payment of rent are sent out at the start of the lease and then at six-monthly intervals in December and June. If you have not received a form, please contact the bookkeeper.

9. Property guide

Kiinteistön omistaja on vakuuttanut kiinteistön mahdollisesti sattuvien vahinkojen varalta. Kiinteistön vakuutus ei kuitenkaan korvaa mahdollisesti vuokralaisten irtaimistolle tai liiketoiminnalle aiheuttamaa vahinkoa, joten vuokralaisen on huolehdittava siitä, että oman yrityksen vakuutusturva on tältä osin kunnossa.

10. Property maintenance and reporting faults

Faults should first be reported to the maintenance company for the property. The contact details can be found on the notice board for the property and in the property guides for each property. Easiest way to report faults is to use FIMX-service, which you can find: https://fimx.fi/julmo.

Each property has a named property manager who is responsible for issues relating to management and maintenance.

The property maintenance companies change light bulbs and perform other minor maintenance tasks, charged to the tenant for a separate fee. This work should be ordered directly from the property maintenance company.

11. Security deposit

Providing a security deposit

A bank deposit or bank guarantee with certificate of non set-off of will serve as security for rent. The security deposit is three months’ rent including VAT. The security deposit can be sent to IVG Polar through the bank, by post or by bringing it to our office.

Return of security

IVG Polar will return the security deposit once the tenancy is over, all the keys to the property have been returned and the inspection on vacating the property has been carried out with a representative of the lessor. Returning the security deposit is conditional upon the obligations under the contract having been complied with in the manner agreed.

12. Security and safety

All our properties have security systems on the external doors and the doors to each floor. We have drawn up a rescue plan for each of our properties in the event of emergencies in line with the Rescue Act 468/2003 and Government Decree 787/2003. The rescue plan contains guidance in the event of various risk situations.

Tenants are responsible for installing burglar alarms in their own premises if required.

13. Tenant meetings

We regularly organise meetings of tenants for each property at which our tenants have an opportunity to receive information about current issues affecting the property, suggest improvements and provide feedback. Besides representatives of the lessor and the tenants, tenant meetings are also attended by representatives of the property maintenance and cleaning staff. This makes it easier to maintain contact between tenants and the providers of day-to-day property services and to give feedback directly to the right people, rather than through intermediaries. At tenant meetings we address matters which have arisen and use these to improve our operations, our premises and our relationship with our service providers.

14. Termination of lease

Notice of termination of the lease is to be made in writing, e.g. by e-mail to the person responsible for the lease of the property. The notice period is calculated from the last day of the calendar month in which notice is given.

15. Waste management

The owner of the property organises waste sorting facilities and is responsible for removing waste. The tenant is responsible for production waste. Waste sorting instructions are provided in the waste area. We provide sorting instructions to tenants by e-mail at the start of the tenancy.